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Bosch Clear Advantage (BCA) Soft Wiper For Proton/Perodua [1set]
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Brand Bosch
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Patented beam design for all-weather performance

Key Features
~Patented beam design reduces exposed metal, resisting ice and snow build-up for all-weather performance
~Graphite treated wiping edge reduces friction for a quiet and smooth wipe in all seasons
~Easy installation with the Click-On adapter system

Frequently Asked Questions
1.How often should wipers be changed and what are signs they are going bad?
Most manufacturers recommend inspecting your wiper blades every six months for wear. Besides wear from exposure to the elements, the rubber component in a wiper blade deteriorates due to road debris, chemicals, climate and ozone exposure. Failures can be identified by excessive noise, streaking and chattering. If the rubber has started to tear apart from the blade it should be replaced immediately.

2.Why should I purchase Bosch wiper blades?
Bosch has been manufacturing electric windshield wiping systems for over 80 years. This knowledge of the entire wiping system helps Bosch understand what determines excellent wiper performance. The expertise from original equipment manufacturing goes into each replacement wiper we make. Offered at various price levels, Bosch wiper blades are available for virtually every vehicle on the road.

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